Wednesday, November 21, 2012

YouTube Advertising Basics to Drive Traffic

YouTube advertising is fast becoming important and popular among businesses and marketers. Video is a great way to promote a product, service or your website. The internet is modifying at a rapid rate with the advent of Web 2.0 and it is not surprising that the future belongs to interactive media like videos. This is why people are beginning to realize the potential of YouTube advertising to promote their business.
YouTube advertising can be quite different from the traditional PPC advertising campaigns like Google AdWords. For starters, you will obviously need a video to promote and not just words. This of course is the tricky part because advertisers are not used to this form of advertising and there is ample scope for mistakes.
Making the Best Video
You should make a relevant video promoting your business that is fun to watch and attractive to the viewer. Make use of ample graphics to make your video stand apart if it is an advertisement. If it is a person speaking, make sure it is not monotonous. The attention span of online YouTube viewers can be bad if it looks like someone is giving a sermon. Remember this is interactive media and the video should directly talk to the person. Always try to stand out.
If your video contains humor or something very interesting, it is a big plus because it is every advertiser's dream that their video goes viral. If the video is well made, you can always expect hundreds of thousands of views because people can share interesting videos with friends, especially through social media like Facebook and Twitter.
If you have trouble making a professional video for YouTube advertising, you should definitely consider outsourcing the job to a professional. There are a number of sites online where highly qualified freelancers work on a per-project basis. Since the importance of a good video cannot be overstated, it is a good business decision to get the video made by a professional.
Using Promoted Videos for YouTube advertising
Now after you have created the right video, it is time to promote it. YouTube advertising is the best way to promote a video. When you type in something in YouTube, you should notice that just like Google, there are promoted videos and there are normal search results. The promoted videos appear just like Google AdWords do - at the top. This a great way to make sure that people reach your video. Of course, you should use all other methods to promote the video too, but at least in the initial days, YouTube advertising works wonders to get the first few thousand views to your video.
You will need to target keywords using promoted videos. When someone searches for a particular keyword, your video will appear on the top. Just like with Google AdWords, you should make sure that you target the right keywords. It is also important to make sure that the keywords are present in your video description.
Sustain your Marketing through YouTube Channels
Your work is not done with promoted videos of YouTube advertising. The real reason why YouTube can be a very powerful advertising medium is because there are a loyal group who will watch every video you post. For this purpose, it is important that visitors are able to locate you quickly. The best and most efficient way to attract visitors and also keep things organized is with the help of YouTube channels.
These channels are easy to subscribe and coupled with your YouTube advertising efforts, you should be able to build a steady stream of followers. This can do wonders to your business and marketing efforts. Depending on your marketing efforts and also the content of your videos, you can build a loyal follower base at YouTube and greatly improve your marketing efforts.
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