Saturday, October 13, 2012

All About YouTube Banner Advertising

If an online business owner talks about an advertising campaign on the internet, his utmost objective would be how to generate the most traffic. The first thing that would come to their mind might be a pay per click advertising campaign.
An advertising campaign on YouTube can be very effective because of its millions of users throughout the world and these can be a very good way to generate traffic. You can be a small online business owner but you can have your ad campaign on YouTube and take advantage of being on one of the largest online video sharing networks on the internet.
YouTube has several millions of users each month and it has one of the largest audiences on the internet which makes it one of the top priorities of advertisers in placing their ads in. A pay per click ad campaign on YouTube can bring you the traffic you need.
Banner advertising on YouTube can be this effective ad campaign. This type of campaign will have your ads displayed on YouTube and can give you better opportunity to be seen by a greater number of people.
Through a banner advertising campaign, your business can have a better opportunity in becoming familiar with prospective customers. This type of ad campaign is also called building brand awareness because of their constant exposure to viewers.
While you are building brand awareness for your products or services, the views can boost your targeted traffic. It can give you a large volume of traffic by impressions on your ads or through click throughs.
With banner advertising, you can target your preferred advertising regions and through these, you can acquire the customers you need. You can also choose from different targeted site categories where you want your ads to be shown.
If you have video ads, you can use YouTube to promote videos to generate traffic to your site. If you don't have a video you can also use AdWords to target your ads on YouTube's high profile placements.
YouTube advertising can give you an option to display ad overlays that make use of your own imagery. These are banner ads that automatically show up when you view a page but disappear within seconds even without clicking.
You can have your display overlays either through cost per click or cost per thousand impression basis. This type of ad display overlays were difficult to generate before, but today's technology has made it easier.

Increase YouTube Views With Your YouTube Advertising Campaign

Since the emergence of social media, the whole concept of online advertising has changed and now YouTube advertising is one of the major tools for online marketing campaigns. It has become absolutely essential for every type and size of company to create YouTube videos for effective marketing campaigns. However, creating quality and effective videos is not enough to achieve your marketing goals.
Another thing which you have to do is make those YouTube videos visible in different search engines. There are different companies and websites that provide help and guidance regarding effective YouTube advertising campaigns. One of the goals of those campaigns should be to help you in transforming your ideas into YouTube videos.
In order to get optimum results from your YouTube advertising campaign, you may need help in making creative videos that can effectively convey your message to the target market. The objective is to differentiate your video from the millions of YouTube videos that are launched every day in order to draw attention to it. In order to get the attention of viewers, creativity is of the essence. You have to use creative ideas, either in music or through eye-catching shots. YouTube advertising is all about entertainment. People often come to YouTube to get entertained, therefore you have to include aspects in your video that can entertain your audience.
Another way to keep viewers engaged in your YouTube advertising is providing solutions in your video for their problems. For this you can give tips and ideas related to your product or service. So this type of video is different from an entertainment video. This is called an informational video. Most audiences watch this type of video to improve their knowledge on certain subjects, products or services. In this regard, you need to keep the information and tips unique as much as possible since people are only interested in things which they do not know.
Sometimes companies forget to educate consumers in order to keep the video entertaining. This is not a good thing to do as your basic purpose is to sell your product or service. Entertainment is important to generate traffic, but at the end of the day you need sales and not just traffic. Keep your target market informed and educated about your product or service. For this you can use demonstration videos also. This type of YouTube advertising is not just effective but entertaining too.
Your YouTube campaign must also assist you in making your video visible in all major search engines. No matter how effective your video is, if people cannot find it, it becomes useless. It is very important that your YouTube advertising must be targeted and visible so that people can easily search your ads. Keep in mind that not all the visitors are going to purchase from your site but you still need traffic in order to improve your rankings and get a better place in search pages. This will give you a clear direction to your YouTube advertising campaign and you will see the difference in your sales.

Make Money Online Via YouTube Video Advertising

A few years ago, an Internet marketing guru predicted that video will be huge on the Internet. He is right. Just take a look at YouTube. It's one of the fastest growing and most popular website on the Internet right now. So how can you benefit from this phenomenal growth? Here is a step by step guide.
Step 1: Sign up for a Google AdWords account.
Step 2: Create a video commercial.
Step 3: Compose an ad.
Step 4: Choose a video from YouTube.
Step 5: Review and save your ad.
Step 1: Sign up for a Google AdWords account.
You will need to have a Google AdWords account to start promoting your video. You need to have a valid credit card to activate your account. Once the registration fee is paid, your account will be active immediately.
Step 2: Create a video commercial.
You will need to create a commercial video. This is the video that you will be promoting. Have the video ready in AVI format. The video should look like a commercial on TV. Make sure that your advertising message is clearly communicated in the video. Do not create a complicated video. A simple video that is simple and entertaining will get the job done. Upload the video to your YouTube account.
Step 3: Compose an ad.
Within your AdWords account, you can compose an ad. This is a text ad that others will see. The ad will appear on YouTube videos. When viewers click on this ad, your video will be displayed immediately. Note that you don't pay a single cent for displaying this ad. You only pay when someone clicks on the ad and views your video. So you are essentially paying for video views.
Step 4: Choose a video from YouTube.
Using the media picker from within the AdWords account, choose the video that you would like to promote. This is the video that you have uploaded to your YouTube account earlier. Now you are specifying the video that the ad should point to.
Step 5: Review and save your ad.
Review your ad to make sure everything is in order. Save the ad and you are done!
So how can you make money using this advertising service? Understand that video advertising is very powerful. Just take a look at some of the ads on TV. When done right, they have a powerful effect on the audience. Viewers are able to hear what you have to say about the product, and they can see visual demonstrations about what you are trying to sell.

How to Advertise on YouTube - Learn How to Advertise on YouTube

Learning how to advertise on YouTube is going to take a few good hours of your time but it is definitely worth it. Video marketing is now the #1 way to build a relationship with your prospects, sell a product, and automate your business all at the same time.
Now, there are a few different ways to market your business on you tube.
A. Using YouTube PPC (pay per click) ads.
Using this method each time a visitor types in a certain term i.e. used cars in Ohio your advertisement would appear along side of the search results. The method is effective but costs money each time you click it is also not recommended for beginners. If your video is bad or not relevant to the keywords searched you will lose money.
B. Doing keyword research and making a video based on keywords.
This method requires doing some keyword research using either a free keyword tool or paid. It is very effective especially if you find a good niche. Basically when someone types in what they're looking for on YouTube the idea is for your video to have those keywords in the title and tags. If there is no competition your video will appear first. This is a very effective method when it comes to learning how to advertise on YouTube and I recommend this approach first.
C. Building your own personal brand.
If you already have a solid business and want to build your brand you can use YouTube to make videos about your philosophy, how to's, and other types of videos for your customers and prospects to truly get to know who you are. There are a lot of successful marketers who are doing this now and have created astonishing brand loyalty.
In closing: Learning how to advertise on YouTube is a smart thing to do. Trends show that most people spend more time online watching video than anything else and marketing your business this way will allow your profits to skyrocket!

YouTube Advertising

The number one video site in the world is now YouTube. Globally it is widely recognised and more and more content gets added to it each day. Because of this massive growth YouTube advertising is of great benefit to internet marketers.
More and more people go to watch video content every day on YouTube. You are able to watch concert and movie clips, amateur footage, how to videos etc. The variety is enormous and you will find something you like there.
Here are some interesting statistics as of 2012:
  • Justin Bieber is the most watched superstar with 2.2 billion video views
  • Rihanna is the most watched female singer and hit 2 billion views in early 2012
  • Each day 86,000 hours of video footage is loaded to the site
  • More than 4 billion videos get watched each day on the site
  • YouTube is now the world's third largest website after Google and Facebook
A decade load of video footage is uploaded to YouTube each day. In 2012 the company announced that one hour's worth of footage is put on the site every second. Because of the huge growth of the site since it was launched in 2005, it has now reached the stage where there are 4 billion video views each day.
If your business is not doing YouTube advertising now then you are leaving sales on the table. YouTube was bought by Google for 1 billion. This has great benefits for your business because you have the best of both worlds here - the most popular video site in the world and the most popular search engine also.
In 2012 YouTube went into its seventh year. What a marvelous success story this site has become and it just keeps on growing. It is estimated that 60 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute. An incredible statistic I'm sure you will agree.
It had no idea of the impact it was going to make on the media when it started out, or the YouTube advertising revenue it was going to generate. Now it is clear to see that it is the number one site for video content.
On the weekend of 21st May 2011 YouTube hit a figure of over 3 billion video views per day. These were the highest recorded YouTube views ever and represented a 50% increase on the previous year.
If you have a product or service to promote YouTube is quite outstanding traffic for you to tap into. It really is time for you to start looking at a YouTube advertising program for your business.
Recent events in countries such as Libya and Syria have seen people want to broadcast this to others around the world who may not get a chance to know what is happening. Thanks to smartphones this is now possible. You can upload a video directly onto YouTube from your smartphone from wherever you may be in the world.
You can watch whole movies and sometimes concerts on YouTube. This has helped to make the video site even bigger. Even live events can be streamed into homes thanks to a partnership with YouTube. The future looks good for the site.
The 2011 royal wedding was beamed around the world from London via YouTube. People who don't have a television set could suddenly watch it on their computer.
The quality is first class also. Videos can be in standard or high definition and offer tremendous playback quality.
What can video do for your product or service?
Imagine what YouTube could do for your business. There are many YouTube advertising techniques for small business owners to consider.
If you are finding it difficult to attract new business or customers or are looking to expand your business then video can really help your promotion.