Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Is On The Other Side Of The Stars?

Little did I know what my endless quest for truth and knowledge would lead me to. It is true what one Japanese Buddhist monk once said, "We must always be disturbed by the truth." Why is that I wonder? Well, looking from my own experience throughout my life, I would have to say it is because of the conditioned mind frame we are born into through different cultures, traditions, or religion in their diverse versions of "truth". Later when faced with a truth that has come only when one has aligned or attuned themselves to a point of further comprehension, truth can be very different than what one once believed was true. In my journey thus far, I have realized that truth seems to be like a puzzle of dimensions. In the expanding process of individual growth, the pieces seem to fit together and layer themselves into deeper and deeper levels.
So what then is truth and where does it begin? Is truth something that humanity creates for itself to run a conducive and obedient society by means of consequence and fear? I do believe in the law of cause and effect, don't get me wrong, but at what cost are we learning our lessons to become better individuals? What lessons are we teaching our children? Are we teaching them to be afraid, obey the laws, or else? Perhaps in the line of evolution such a practice has some value for the process of growth, but can we as humanity move beyond this? Is world peace yet a dream, or is it a deeper level to our existence? Why not teach our children that they are the magnificent creators of their lives? Why not show them the powerful and amazing beings they really are by allowing them to have experience without judgment? What world would we live in if we all took responsibility for the effects of our own actions without putting superiors above ourselves to judge and punish us when we have stepped outside of the boundaries of the established way that things are "said" to be done? Whose laws are these anyway? Are these the laws of men or God?" Perhaps this process is one of the many layers of truth, but what lies beneath? What if we allowed ourselves to realize the possibility that there is more?
What if there is one of you who would wish to reason with your own mind? Reason is the one thing which allows man to act as God unto himself with an inward conscious knowing. "Blasphemy!" you say. "What? Did you say we are not to look to God, but to our own selves for wisdom? How absurd!" you say. Yet what if in looking to ourselves, we are in fact looking to God?
I hear your voices, for they have been my own as well. Yet still I could not ignore the call of my inner voice, and the "reasoning" power of my mind to urge me to ask the question, "Is there more?" The ability to reason raises us above our automated reaction we often project from our emotions, which when deliberately applied, forces us to think before we act, therefore guiding ourselves in a conscious and deliberate way. Reason is the only aspect of man which separates our intelligence from the intelligence of an animal. Therefore God, it would seem has a "reasonable" nature, and we cutting ourselves off from our own reasoning capability, in turn are cutting ourselves off from God.
Perhaps you are one who wishes to step outside of these illusionary boundaries to experience the causes and effects of your life in a conscious and deliberate manner. What if you, taking your deliberate and courageous step forward, dare to think a different thought than you have ever thought before, expanding the possibilities and wonders of life? Do you think this is what would happen, or do you feel your being shrink back in fear? Can you consciously hear the voice that is chattering endlessly from a programmed perception as it immediately warns you to get back into the place where you belong? Is the fear that is bred from your ever protective ego so engrained that you obediently close off once again to a yet unknown flow of intelligence of which you are a part of?
Why is it that every time you attempt to think a new unpracticed thought of something different than you have ever known, that this voice of fear seems to always interfere? What does it have to hide from you? What is it afraid that you will find out? Perhaps the voice of fear is only your programmed ego who is afraid of the extinction of its existence within you once you have realized your true being of power. Yet it is not for us to banish our ego from our beings. Instead, we follow the universal law of inclusion by soothing our emotion with our reasoning mind, joining it one with us, thus creating our feeling of wholeness instead of separation. If you listen carefully, you will hear two voices, one voice emanates from fear, and one comes from a source we all inherently know but have yet to remember. Are you the person that follows along, or do you reason for yourself? Do you dare to challenge the voice of fear, or do you think it is the voice of God that warns you to stop thinking for yourself and go along as you have always been told in blind faith? Jesus said "What doth it profit a man say he hath faith, and not works? (James 2:14)
From personal experience I know that it was not an easy path to trust in my own guidance that came from within after the many years of structured and cultural conditioning from society and religion. Attempting to make a connection to that God for ones own self is seemingly admonished by our so called leaders, yet when one does so it is only accepted if it is done in the structured and said manner of the "Superior" belief system which appears to govern our actions and even our thoughts. When will our thoughts be our own again? What will it be like when we know our every thought is an actual thing being projected, beginning a creation? When will we know that we do not know everything about our world? What will it be like when we find out we are not the most evolved beings which have existed here upon the earth or that there are mysteries within our world that would rifle even the best science fiction story? When will our cynical beliefs we have thought of over and over again be opened up to allow more? Does not all expand? Even in our daily lives do we not see evidence that after time and time again with the same unwanted experience that we evolve into a greater knowledge and understanding from this actual personal experience?

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