Sunday, September 30, 2012

A World Without Good, Please!

I have a request for you, my sisters and brothers in the human family: Please, please, please stop revering good. It is a trap! It is the most powerful trap there is. If you want to be free to experience more joy, more peace, more harmony, and more authentic power than you ever knew possible, and you want that for all of humanity, then for Pete's sake (and yours), just let go of the notion of good! It is poison.
That may, indeed, sound like blasphemy to you, as you have been indoctrinated to revere good. You have been taught all your life to prefer good. You have been admonished to be good. You have been impassioned by your political and spiritual leaders to fight for good. You've been told if you don't take a stand for good, that evil will overcome the world! Even many of your contemporary spiritual teachers are cheering you on to "allow more good into your life."
But I simply must tell you that the idea of good is leading you down the primrose path to disempowerment and continued imprisonment in a world of pain and suffering.
Good is Not Real
"Good" is an opinion--a judgment. Good is nothing more than your ego-mind's assessment of something, based on its observations or programming. Good is not some sort of pronouncement by God--at least, not God, the Source. Good is purely manmade in origin. All the religious and political wars fought throughout human history, with all the lives lost and misery inflicted, have been fueled by someone's opinion of what is good, and what is good's counterpart: evil. One human being's idea of good is often another's idea of "evil." Good and evil are truly just ideas.
The concepts of "good" and "evil" are thoughtforms created by the limited aspect of the human mind, making determinations about things that it doesn't have a comprehensive-enough perception to be able to accurately make. Ironically, participating in judgment diminishes perception and wisdom, which ensures that human beings will never be proficient at judging. Actually, even God is not proficient at judging! Indeed, God, the Source, does not judge at all. While there are natural laws in place, and built-in consequences for violating them, there is no judgment involved--no opinion handed down from on high. In fact, the first natural law given to humanity is that of "no judgment." Why? Because the Creator knew that judging would lead to big, big trouble.
The Concepts of Good and Evil Are Born
Remember the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? They were living in Paradise, in total bliss and Oneness--no good, no evil, just pure beingness--until the event that caused their exile from Paradise. What was that seminal event? They disobeyed Divine Guidance, listened to the serpent, and "ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." What is the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? It is judgment. It is the practice of determining what is good and what is evil, and all the many permutations thereof.
When these archetypal first humans allowed themselves to be seduced into making this judgment, they activated duality, the creative matrix that supports forces in opposition. Duality is the flipside of Wholeness and harmony. What more primal forces in opposition are there than good and evil? At first, neither good nor evil had much power, because they were only concepts. But as the concepts were given energy by human beings continually making judgments to determine what was good and what was evil, they began to strengthen and the web of entrapment was spun. Today, good and evil have reached what would seem to be maximum polarity.
Talk about a consequence of violating a natural law! This violation has kept human beings trapped at lower vibrational frequency in the realm of pain and suffering for eons! You see, joy, ease, wisdom, peace and harmony--the hallmarks of Oneness--are high-frequency phenomena, but duality is a lower-frequency phenomenon. The key to moving higher in frequency is in transcending duality by giving up judgment and its concepts of good and bad. It is the hidden key out of the pain and suffering of duality.
Good is an Addiction, But There's a Remedy
I am completely aware that giving up an addiction to good (and bad) may be a challenge. It has been for me! So here is what I've been doing to wean myself over the last several years. I have become aware that what I perceive as good is merely my preference, so I am changing my language, both inner and outer, around it. Instead of saying, "Such and such is good," I substitute, "I like that" or "I definitely prefer that," or "that seemsright to me" or "that doesn't seem right to me," with seem being the key word. I often preface my declarations with "in my opinion."
It's still a shade of judgment, but it's "judgment lite" compared to the pronouncement of absolutes that "That's good" and "That's bad" connote. It's the beginning of untying some of the threads in the web of conflicting energies that billions of human minds create with their absolute pronouncements of "good" and "evil." Imagine the difference if we all loosened up the web a bit by a shift in our thoughts and words around this!

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