Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Notion of Love: A Lifetime's Challenge Can Be a Poem

The notion of love has been discussed, debated, revered, and even abased through the centuries. Although romantic love is the aim of those who want to elevate the actions and emotions triggered by hormones, there has to be more to love than what most eyes can hold.
Often, true love offers an awareness that brings pleasure and joy and opens the door to a deeper connection with the soul. As a result, lovers experience a boundless energy and a greater sense of well-being. Love enables the lover to overcome feelings of separation and creates a sense of union with the self and the world.
Greeks named the highest, noblest form of love "agape" as the kind of love we have if we hold in our hearts all our fellow men with boundless affection.
Here is a narrative in verse form that explores what true love is:
A Journey To Love
by Joy Cagil
In the city, an expanse of rubble,
Hopes, smiles, sins, radicals and trouble,
From the heart erupted one great desire,
To find the truth to love, I yearned with fire.
On my way, a wide chasm opened en route,
Appeared an old man in a strange suit.
"A treacherous aspiration, you'll see,
While there's time," he said, "forget this and flee."
Pleasure or peril underneath my feet,
Passionate love maybe or truth I'd meet.
A dark drop opened up in trapped emotion,
A black hole horizon slapped to motion.
"I must now lead you on; your will is fixed,
Heat of the moment with oasis mixed.
Pry into your muck, no baggage needed
to find your treasure, your wish is heeded."

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